Children's Creative Summer Workshop (C)

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Title: Children's Creative Kindness Summer Workshop (C)

Time & Date: 9am-12pm on Tuesday July 18th

Location: The Elli Parr Boutique. 5247 Shelburne Rd Ste #204 Shelburne VT 05482

Elli Parr is excited to announce our Childrens Summer Creative Workshops! Each workshop will be 3 hours long and include jewelry making, crafts and a snack. Most importantly the class will revolve around spreading kindness and love in a fun a creative way.

PART 1: Our signature bracelet making class 

Each child will have the opportunity to make a handful of personal bracelets to take home, complete with a variety of beads & charms. We will help them size, tie and glue but your kiddos are in full control of their creations! (this part will take up the majority of our class.)

PART 2: "Create a Smile" gift

Each child will have the opportunity to make a custom bracelet for someone else complete with a handwritten note card and gift-wrap. Our hope for this portion of the class is to encourage conversations about acts of kindness and why it's important to think of others. Children will bring this gift home to deliver to the recipient at their convenience, (we will connect with each parent/caregiver prior to the workshop to explain our intentions in more detail.) 

PART 3: Elli Parr "Kindness Rock" project

As an extension to the "create a smile" gift that is specific to one person, we wanted to initiate a project that would pass on kindness to others in the community in a fun and creative way. The "kindness rock" project was started in 2015 on Cape Cod and has become a viral trend all over the country since then. We would like to put our own spin on this project by turning It into a community wide game with a deeper purpose. 

Children will get to paint and create a few of their own kindness rocks with inspirational messages and we will stamp a signature Elli Parr stamp on the bottom of each stone. They will take their rocks home to show their families then venture out to place each rock in a special place within their community.

Once a rock is found and is identified as an Elli Parr Kindness Rock, the child who found it can return it to one of our stores and claim a custom BKIND bracelet as their gift. We will then hide the rock again to continue the fun!



*Snacks and lemonade will be offered during this class. We will check in with each parent prior to the class to discuss any allergies or dietary restrictions. 

*Please assure that your child can focus on a project like this for an extended amount of time. We have children ourselves and understand that a class like this isn't for all children and we want to make sure your kiddos really enjoy this type of workshop and have an incredible experience.

*Ages 8-12

*6 kids per class 

*If weather is appropriate and we feel the kiddos could use a moment to get some energy out, we will take them outside for some fresh air. 

*Given the size of our boutique, this workshop will be drop off only.

*if we are unable to fill this particular class with the appropriate number of kids, we will offer a secondary date/time or a full refund.

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