About Elli Parr


Sara Nelson is founder & visionary behind the handcrafted Vermont based jewelry brand, Elli Parr Jewelry. Sara grew up outside of Boston, attended college in Rhode Island and moved to Vermont with her now husband, Brandt, in 2011. She quickly fell in love with the natural beauty and quieter lifestyle that Vermont had to offer.

Her journey into the world of jewelry design began as a hobby by her desire to find creative expression outside of her corporate marketing job. She would bead bracelets and wire-wrap small gemstones at her dining room table whenever she would have some free time.

It didn't take long for her friends and family to take notice of her creations, sparking the transformation of her little hobby into a real brand.

The unwavering support and encouragement of her family—her three wonderful children, Ava, Vivian, and Camden, and her supportive husband —serve as the pillars of motivation and encouragement. Since the brands creation in 2015, Elli Parr Jewelry is worn by women throughout the country and prominently featured in specialty boutiques across New England. 

Sara also owns two physical jewelry boutiques in Middlebury, VT and Shelburne, VT so she and her team can serve their local customers in a more hands-on way.


Elli Parr, is a modern jewelry brand focusing on quality, hand-crafted pieces that are stylish yet sophisticated. We believe in transitional pieces that can be worn at any time and any event. We want our jewelry to be a reflection of the woman wearing it, wherever they are. It is their soul, their stories, their truth. Whether it be wearing signature beaded bracelets to a yoga class, a minimalist gold necklace to work, or a pair of white druzy teardrop earrings to a wedding, Elli Parr is designed to help women express their unique sense of style wherever life takes them. Jewelry as unique as you!

We design every piece with intention from start to finish. All pieces are hand-made and assembled in our home state of Vermont. The stones are sourced from all over the world and are carefully selected to ensure the best quality and cut. We collaborate with skilled artisans to bring you unique pieces and we take pride in each and every piece that we make.

We use only the best materials ranging from 14k gold fill to 24k gold vermeil and semi-precious gemstones. Every beaded bracelet is hand beaded one-by-one, and every single stone in all of our pieces are set by hand. Our jewelry is truly about the woman wearing it. We want you to feel confident and beautiful at all times, so we create a variety of pieces to help you do just that!

We are grateful and humbled that you have chosen to support our small business. Welcome to the Elli Parr family!